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teeth with edge bonding

Edge Bonding Vs. Composite Veneers: Which One Suits You

Many cosmetic dental treatments today have promised and proven smile transformation for countless patients. Some of these popular procedures include edge bonding and composite veneers, to name a few.  However, it becomes hard to choose which one is best for …

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teeth whitening advantages

Teeth Whitening 101: Advantages And Side Effects

Does smiling back at the mirror make you frown afterwards? This can happen if you notice your teeth turning yellowish or even brown.  Sometimes, your teeth can discolour despite your efforts to keep them clean. Normally, as you age, your …

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family dentistry - blossom smiles dental

6 Advantages Of Family Dentistry For The Entire Family

Although surprising, it’s quite common for patients to see a dentist only when there’s already a dental emergency. Not all might have the means and access to professional oral care. The results are rising cases of teeth problems leading to …

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