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Teeth Removal in Burlington, ON

While it may be more likely to require teeth removal as a child or teenager, when your adult teeth are growing in and taking shape, it is not uncommon for adults to undergo teeth removal in Burlington, ON, either. Beyond impacted wisdom teeth or not enough space in your mouth, dental patients may experience an infection, tooth decay, or a broken tooth that ultimately needs to be extracted.

Reasons for Extraction

As part of your customized treatment, your dentist may recommend removing any teeth that are creating or may create any cause for concern. There is no need to worry if this occurs, as many people experience an issue with impacted molars, overcrowding, and more. If you are currently having problems with your teeth, please contact our Burlington dental clinic to schedule an appointment.

The Procedure

Dentists do not recommend teeth removal unless it is completely necessary. To aid in the decision as to whether a tooth should be extracted, we will take X-rays of your mouth and then create an ideal method for removing the tooth, as needed. Neglecting teeth removal in this event can ultimately lead to a much worse scenario, including significant pain and gum disease. If you are concerned about your teeth or due for an appointment, call us today to book an appointment.

Possible Side Effects

Despite the possibility that patients can experience side effects after teeth removal in Burlington, ON, our dentist will provide helpful directions to help you avoid any serious concerns. The most likely ones are pain, infection, and dry socket. However, patients will usually receive a prescription for antibiotics and either a prescribed or recommended over-the-counter pain killer to help in the aftermath of extraction. You may also wish to avoid certain foods and drink with a straw.


Post teeth removal, we usually witness recovery times ranging from one day to one week, depending on the severity. It is important to simply rest your mouth, and often your body, so you can thoroughly heal and avoid any serious issues. One of the most important points is that the socket in your mouth will require time to clot. For more information on teeth removal in Burlington, ON, please contact our office.

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