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Case #1

This patient had natural spacing and was concerned about the length of her teeth. She was treated with 6 porcelain veneers without any alterations to the teeth. We achieved a beautiful result using a non-invasive technique.

Case 1 - Before
Case 1 - After

Case #2

This patient suffered from advanced tooth decay. Her teeth initially were diagnosed with severe fluorosis. Her treatment was completed with a combination of porcelain crowns, veneers and Implants which also gave the lips the natural support from the front teeth, completely transforming her smile. The results were stunning!

Case 2 - Before
Case 2 - After

Case #3

This patient suffered from severe wear to his teeth which had caused decay. There was a gap between his 2 back molars where food got stuck and caused further damage to the gums. The teeth were capped with 2 natural looking porcelain crowns to both protect the teeth and preserve the gums. The results were beautiful!

Case 3 - Before
Case 3 - After

Case #4

This patient suffered a blow to the front teeth causing a fracture of a third of the tooth. He was treated with composite bonding yielding a very natural result we are happy with!

Case 4 - Before
Case 4 - After

Case #5

This wonderful patient had naturally missing 2 lateral incisors, with gaps between the central incisors and canines. Her treatment involved Invisalign to realign the remaining teeth, and then change the shape of the canines to mimic the missing teeth and produce a more natural look. This natural looking result was achieved with composite bonding where no part of her natural teeth was removed!

Case 5 - Before
Case 5 - After

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