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What Is Emergency Dentistry? And why do we need it?

Remember that sharp stabbing kind of tooth ache? The one that makes going about your day impossible, or that steals away your sleep? Or that sharp broken tooth that just won’t leave your tongue alone?! Or maybe you remember the day when your child was playing outside , having fun, then suddenly you heard them fall and cry, only to realize they’ve pushed a tooth out of place? All these events are unpredictable and daunting, and the worst part is they make everything in life come to an abrupt pause until you see a dentist for an emergency. That is why we offer emergency dentistry any day of the week at Blossom Smiles Dental. Its because we know we can take away the pain and give you back your day.

The concern with most emergencies is not just physical tooth ache, but it could also be emotional from a broken front tooth that doesn’t even hurt, but doesn’t let you smile either . Or takes away from your confidence even temporarily. Maybe its that baby tooth that your child pushed while falling that could lead to permanent damage to the underlying permanent tooth leading to a life full of dental treatments and corrective surgeries. So what does an emergency dentist do?

Emergency dental treatment as we do it at Blossom Smiles Dental starts with identifying the cause of pain. We have a conversation with the patient about their dental emergency and ask questions like: When did it happen? How did it start? And Where (was it a blow to the face or fell into the ground? These comprehensive questions allow us to determine not only the emergency dental procedure we will be performing, but also the need for tetanus immunization or chest X-rays if needed in cases of tooth loss.

After the bigger picture is considered, we start addressing the tooth issue. An emergency dental treatment is customized for each patient to address their main concern. Is it pain? Maybe a root canal or extraction is recommended. Maybe its as simple as tooth recontouring to remove sharp edge.

Is the concern cosmetic? Can we save the day with cosmetic emergency tooth bonding? Is that a temporary dental treatment to be followed by veneers or crowns or is it permanent? Whave that discussion with the patient that day, but after addressing the emergency dental concern first.

Is it a child that hurt a baby tooth or maybe even a permanent tooth? In this case dental emergency treatment is geared more towards protecting and maintaining the growth of bone and teeth while protecting the baby teeth, if possible. The most important part though is reassuring the parents and addressing their concerns.

Emergency denta

l treatment is offered all days a week at Blossom Smiles Dental because we understand how important it is to address aesthetic, pain and psychological concerns of traumatized patients as soon as possible. We believe that a dentist should always be available to help when needed.

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