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Hi everyone! We’ve been seeing a lot of new faces in our beautiful neighborhood, so we thought of reintroducing ourselves.

Blossom smiles dental is a general dental office, in Burlington. So, what is a general dentist? A general dentist is a family dentist, we see all age groups from when the first tooth starts coming in, throughout all the subsequent stages of life. There is no age cap.

That being said, as general dentists we also know how to take care of almost all teeth conditions. Be they emergency dentistry such as trauma to the teeth or a fall, to painful toothache, tooth swellings, jaw and joint pain, wisdom molars coming in and even grinding.

As general dentists we also perform checkups to detect tooth conditions such as cavities, abnormal growth patterns that may cause developmental problems down the line. Things like tongue ties that impede speech. Discrepancies in tooth size and jaw size, or bone growth abnormalities that should be addressed sooner than later to allow for better development of a child. Conditions of the tongue and soft tissues that may indicate cancers or other hidden diseases in the body such as kidney or liver diseases. We always recommend a checkup every 6 months to make sure we don’t miss anything.

General dentists are also trained to treat cavities and do fillings, we use bonding techniques as the modern way of doing this. If a filling is too deep or the nerve starts hurting, we perform root canals and then we place caps or crowns on teeth to protect them.

We’re also able to extract broken or hopeless teeth. If the teeth are to be replaced, a general dentist can make a bridge, denture or even place an implant to restore the gap for function and esthetics. The good part is we can do that with sedation or laughing gas.

Our favorite part is cosmetic treatment. This is where we redesign the smile and incorporate tools such as Invisalign or braces, whitening, edge bonding or even veneers as well as gum contouring to achieve the patient’s goal. It’s a fun procedure and the results are amazing and life changing!

A general dentist is trained to do most procedures, and we practice perfecting our skills over and over again. We love what we do and can’t wait to transform more smiles!

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