What Are The Advantages Of Family Dentistry For You?

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Although surprising, it’s quite common for patients to see a dentist only when there’s already a dental emergency. Not all might have the means and access to professional oral care. The results are rising cases of teeth problems leading to decay or tooth extraction. One of the reasons is the stigma about dentists giving most patients the fear to visit one. Fortunately, family dentistry drives more to educate and inform patients how important oral care is, especially for the young ones. 

Family dentistry 

A family dentist is usually interchanged with a general dentist. Both dentists have the same education and training, and they offer a variety of dental services. While the general dentists only cater to a specific age group, family dentists can cater to any age starting from infants to seniors.

As pediatric dentists, family dentists have taken additional training to be able to work with children. This further course that they carry makes them the right professional who can understand a child’s language. It’s also essential that the specialist working with your child is innately compassionate and has the patience for the job.

Advantages of family dentists

Now that you’re a family person, you’re considering so many factors in choosing the best professionals to help you with your children’s growing up needs. One of that is by taking the time to learn what benefits family dentists have for your family, especially your kids. 

Monitor each member’s health

Having a family dentist means that you have a trusted practice record of all your family’s dental and oral health history. It will be easy to trace if a family member has had past dental diseases or allergies needed to determine the current diagnosis and treatment. This will also help your family dentist be proactive and vigilant whenever new symptoms are noticed during regular checkups. Having complete and accessible health records is also useful when there are emergencies, so doctors will know what to prescribe or avoid.

Convenience and comfort

One of the hassles of dental appointments for families is travelling to numerous different areas to visit each member’s dentist. That’s why it’s more convenient to have a single family dentist, so you will only have to visit one practice for everyone. This means that you all will attend a dental appointment in just one establishment. 

Besides, your kids will be comfortable working with the same dentist as you do. Seeing that you trust the dentist will give assurance to your children and help with their anxieties. 

Comprehensive dental care

Family dentists are trained to be knowledgeable in a vast selection of dental services and treatments. Generally, they can diagnose and treat all dental problems, which gives them the edge over dentists who specializes. Some dental practices have more than one dental practitioner to ensure that you don’t have to go far looking for specialists when necessary.


The disadvantage of walking into different and random dental practices every time you have dental issues is the lack of connection. Yes, you may be given a proper diagnosis and remedy during your visit. However, as you transfer to another dentist, you will be starting all over again with the getting-to-know stage. Without this bond that you can only acquire over time, it’s unlikely that you will find a dentist who will be proactive about your oral health status. 

This makes it difficult for you to track and notice some developing dental issues or diseases. That’s why you need a family dentist whom you can trust to be genuinely concerned for your oral health.

Setting examples for the young ones

Adults who practise poor oral hygiene habits most probably lack guidance from their parents. It’s crucial for your child’s growing up years to see a good role model, especially with hygiene routines. Even as young as a year old, your baby begins to observe and copy your actions and manners. At this stage, make sure that you show a good example by being consistent with your teeth-cleaning habits and regularly seeing your dentist. 

Lifelong assurance

As you begin to build a relationship with your family dentist, you also start to trust their expertise and be more comfortable with their methods. It’ll be easier for you to express and confide with them about your dental issue, which helps develop a proper diagnosis. Being at ease around your dentist will also help you alleviate any anxieties as they would already know how to make you relax during treatments.

This is why patients become loyal to their dentist that no matter where they relocate, they will still come back to the same practice. Other patients even go out of their way to recommend the clinic to their friends and families. 

With such a connection, you can guarantee that you will have someone who will genuinely care for you and keep you and your family’s smiles. The Burlington dentist is perfect for you and your family because they are fully-equipped and fully-experienced to cater to all your unique dental needs. 

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