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Dental implants are one of many great options to replace missing teeth. They are not the only option though, and the criteria for choosing whether it is a good option for you or not, lies in the answer to several questions that we are happy to pose and answer with you when you visit our Burlington dental office. So, let’s get started!

Question 1: Is my age appropriate to get dental implants?

Age is not just a number when it comes to dental implants. While there are usually no age restrictions to get dental implants as we get older, but very young patients are not recommended to get implants if they lose a tooth. Our Burlington dentist always advises the younger patients who are still going through a growth phase and lose a tooth to wait before replacing the missing teeth with implants. As the jaws grow and develop, the gums and the teeth also move around, while the implant remains firm in the bone and doesn’t catch up with the rest of the mouth.

Question 2: Do I have enough bone for a dental implant?

Implants must sit comfortably in enough bone to allow for good healing and strength. That said, our Burlington dentist advises that if a tooth has been removed a long time ago, and the bone has already been lost, it could be replaced to provide room for an implant. At Blossom Smiles Dental in Burlington, we use a lot of aids to decide on the need for bone such as 3D scans of the jaws as well as regular x rays, photographs and models do design the best treatment plan for our patients.

Question 3: I lost a tooth and now the other teeth have shifted, do I still need a dental implant?

We love when patients ask questions like this! Our Dentists in Burlington at Blossom Smiles Dental say: it depends! For example, If you lose a tooth, and the space it leaves behind is small, then it doesn’t really affect the bite or cause a lot of shifting; the dental implants in this scenario are not the way to go. Unfortunately, and more likely than not, a lost tooth causes a domino effect as per our Burlington dentist. It starts with bone loss, followed by teeth shifting and tilting into the spaces. The teeth end up in a position where they were not meant to be. This in turn overloads the jaw joints and causes pain. We haven’t even started on the cosmetic problems created by shifting teeth. In cases like this, our Burlington dentist realigns the teeth first to regain the lost space, then places an implant, putting everything in the right spot once again.

Question 4: I have a low pain threshold, are implants for me?

Good news, dental implants are not painful! Our Burlington dentist says it’s a common misconception to think that implants in and of themselves are painful. Freezing, experience, speed and good surgical techniques reduce pain significantly. Also, there is always the sedation option available to create an easier experience!

Question 5: Implants are costly, can I just do without them?

Our Burlington dentist says you can, but most of the time you are better off not postponing them. So how did we work around that? We offer flexible payment plans to make dental health care accessible for most. Why? Because we believe cost should not hinder the decision to achieve a healthy mouth.

Question 6: When should I consider getting a dental implant?

There are many areas where dental implants provide an excellent solution. For instance, trauma that leads to losing a tooth, tooth fracture, decayed teeth that had to be pulled. Also, loose dentures can be supported or totally replaced by implants! Our dentists at Blossom Smiles Dental always discuss treatment options in details to provide our patients with the tools to make better decisions.

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